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Danielle Crack

What groups do you teach and where?

I teach 8 and under and 9 and over at Triabunna.


How long have you been dancing for? When and how did you start dancing?

I started dancing in 2003 when I was 6 years old at Tammy's Company of Dance and moved to RDC in 2010 when I was 13 and am still dancing.

Why do you love dancing?

I love dancing because it gives me a sense of freedom and accomplishment. Standing up on the stage every year with my dance mates and having that rush of excitement and happiness. Dancing is my 'happy place'. Whenever I am feeling down or need something to take my mind off things, I turn to dancing, whether it be in my dance class or just being crazy in my bedroom.

What is your favourite memory from dancing?

I don't have one particular memory in the years that I have I danced that is my favourite, however my favourite thing about dancing is that you're surrounded by so many other people that share the same passion. The memories I do have from dancing are just how much of a family we all become. We all go through so much together and always have each other's backs.


How did you start teaching dancing?

When I moved to Swansea at the end of last year I was given the opportunity to take over teaching for the East Coast. I am super excited to meet everyone and hope I can give my students the same experience as I have had.