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Anita Wheeler

What groups do you teach and where?

I relief teach and take private solo lessons Claremont. 


Do you still dance?

Of course! I don't know what I would do if I couldn't dance. 


When and how did you start dancing?

When I was eighteen months old, I use to join in on my sister’s classes’ warm ups. I was three when I was in my first Christmas concert.

Why do you love dancing?

It is just part of my life. I don’t remember not dancing as I started at such a young age, so I just couldn’t imagine myself not dancing.

I love being able to connect with the words in the song through movement and expressing my emotions.

I also love to see the younger dancers learning and having fun which is the most important part of dancing.

What is your favourite memory from dancing?

I have many memories from dancing, but my favourite would have to be my bananas in pyjamas dance which was one of my first dances, and my sister dressed up as a teddy bear, so we chased her around the stage. I remember it was so fun!


How did you start teaching dancing?

I have been relief teaching since I was 16. I adopted my own class and studio at Warrane (now Bellerive) in 2012, which I ran until early 2017. I now teach/dance where I can in-between full-time work.